Girraween Public School - 5/6S

Girraween Public School - 5/6S

Girraween Public School prioritization for class


Interesting activities


5/6 S students pretend to be teachers much more often

A class portfolio

spend more time on work some people do not understand

Working Outside

Art in our work

5/6 S Cassroom Activities

Less Stage 4 Work!

creative writing

Use technology to promote democratic ideals in our classroom

Could we have a day where boys do what girls do and girls do

Sport game at the end of every term

Artless to Artfull

could every day someone bring a quote in and show the class?

We should do more P.D.H.P.E

We should do some science experiments in class

More sport,drama and science.

More time to work on our assembly item

Home Work Times

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